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27.8. – 26.9.2021
Freitag – Sonntag, 13 – 18 Uhr

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Abriss :: Alfredo Barsuglia

und die Sammlung der Stadt Graz


The art collection of the City of Graz comprises works by artists who have or had a special connection to the city. The collection was established more than seventy years ago with the aim of mapping the art that is created in the city. And it has also always been committed to promoting and supporting artists. It now has more than 3300 very diverse pieces of art.
Curators Birgit Kulterer and Markus Waitschacher invited Graz-based artist Alfredo Barsuglia to create an exhibition and make the collection of the city of Graz accessible to the public.

Alfredo Barsuglia’s art project is entitled “Abriss” and shows a compendium, a selection of the extensive art collection in Geidorf, an elegant district of Graz. The art is not exhibited in museums or galleries, but in garages, gazebos and swimming pools of private homes that have been specifically adjusted for the purpose of presenting pieces of art.
Visitors receive a map of the city where the exhibition sites are marked and can set off on their private discovery tour to explore the part of Graz where the artist grew up and still stays from time to time.
Visitors who find all five places receive the “Golden Art Pin” designed by Alfredo Barsuglia as a trophy similar to hiking pins that hikers earn when reaching certain checkpoints on their tours.

A project by Alfredo Barsuglia in cooperation with the Cultural Department of the City of Graz.
Thanks to the Astner family, Barsuglia family, Lahousen-Luxenberger family, Roth family, Strobl-Presinger family

Download: Abrissplan

Weitere Informationen:, +43 664 608724923